• Portable bidet for stnadard toilet is the ideal for postpartum recovery
  • Can be used in pregnancy and/or after birth
  • Most economical and practical way to do sitz baths for pregnancy discomfort such as haemorroids, vulvar variscosities, postnatal perineal recovery
  • Strong plastic bowl that has a soap dish at the front and fits inside most toilet bowls to create a bidet to promote natural healing
  • Hygienic bidet is easy to clean and empty allowing for a clean, safe, and effective bidet
  • Approx size measures 240 x 280 mm, Bidet measures 335 mm W x 352 mm L x 120mm D 

Directions of use: Pour 1tbs of the healing salts mixture (sold seperately on the website), add hot water, mix well to dissolve appropriately, sit on top once the temperature is warm enough but not burning. 


Bidet for standard toilet (sitz baths)