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Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are highly aromatic so have a distinctive and pleasant smell. Aromatherapy is an effective use of herbal medicine, as essential oils are derived directly from plants.

Aroma is perceived in the nasal cavity, which is very close to the brain, making perception of essential oils immediate and striking. 

Essential oils can have impact on the emotions and psychological well being of a person as well as physically in the way of conventional medicines work.

Is it safe?

  • Only a few tested and approved (by midwives and herbalist) organic essential oils will be used during pregnancy/childbirth.

  • We recommend to do a patch test for 24 hours if a new essential oil is used in case your skin is sensitive.

  • The specific essential oils are very gentle and always stored properly in order to get a maximum benefit.

  • Only a low 1% dilution will be used.

How aromatherapy can help during childbirth?



  • Aids creating an environment to encourage normal birth. 

  • Creates time to listen in the moment - hearing verbal and non-verbal messages

  • Helps strengthen relationships within the birthing room. The caring touch of a birth partner 

  • Increases confidence to manage childbirth

  • May help release suppressed feelings which can be shared in a safe setting

  • Massage can improve circulation, relax muscles and ease backache

  • Individualised essential oil blends are absorbed through the skin and can improve the effectiveness of massage by balancing hormones and biochemicals, also helping reduce muscular pain and changing mood

  • Sometimes promotes profound relaxation

  • Gateway theory explores how it may ease perception of pain

Where will my consultation be and what will happen?

The consultation can be either at your home/office or in my house in a private and dedicated area. 

It is best to attend with your birth partner in order to teach him/ her massage techniques they can use during your labour. 


You'll be getting :

  •  a specifically made for you range of oil blend(s) to help support you effectively  during different stages of labour.

  •  a flannel that can be used as a compress to help you relax

  • a bottle of bubbles to blow during labour with a tailored essential oil blend

  • a bath mix

  • and a special box kit to inhale some essential oils during labour 

Everything will be made on the day for you depending on your circumstances and after the consultation to see what blend(s) will suit you better. You'll also have a possibility to purchase organic essential oils.

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