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High quality soft muslin 12 m long belly binding wrap. Ideal to be used postnatally but also at any stages of a woman's life. Particulary useful in women who experience diastasis recti.


Benefits of Belly Binding

  • Provides postural support for the torso and organs as they return to pre-pregnancy position
  • Supports and assists abdominal wall healing and diastasis recti recovery
  • Supports the body's natural spine and posture realignment post birth
  • Constant pressure on the torso and abdomen hastens healing by reducing water, fat and air in the tissue and cells
  • Stabilizes loose ligaments
  • Helps to prevent and relieve lower back aches and strains
  • Prevents slouching while feeding or holding your child



This is unstiched and suitable for dress size 14-18.


Bengkung belly wrap unbleached muslin size 2

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