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Sitz baths are a warm (or cool) bath specifically made to soak your bottom in. You can buy toilet portable bidet to sit on a standard toilet ( see our website to buy it seperately), just sit in a large shallow basin, or use your normal bath.


A sitz bath is not a deep soak, it is usually only a few inches deep, to target the vagina and perineum area.


Postpartum sitz baths can be helpful to:

  • Speed stitch healing – keeping a wound clean and moist are the best conditions for wound healing
  • To keep clean – there is no need for soap, a simple salt water and essential oils bath will do all the cleaning for you
  • To treat hemorrhoids – a sitz bath is one of the best treatments for hemorrhoids after having a baby
  • To relax – this allows you to give baby to Dad, Granny or Doula for half an hour



How to have a successful sitz bath

  • Get that bath clean, you want to make sure you are starting with a nice clean surface
  • Run the water as hot as you can
  • Swish the salt mixture around to dissolve its contents
  • Leave the bath to cool until comfortable
  • Get naked from the waist down, leave your jumper on, or you will get cold!
  • Sit in it for 10-20 minutes
  • Climb out and PAT yourself dry gently with a CLEAN towel


Ingridients: Epsom, Sea Salths, Organic Lavender essential oil, Organic tea tree essential oil. For alternative bespoke mix don't hesitate to message us. 


This mix will allow you to make approx 13-26 sitz baths depending on if you use a bath or portable bidet (more economical).


It is recommended to have two sitz baths a day (one in the morning one in the evening).


Sitz bath mix (postpartum perineal recovery) 250 grs

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