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Well Womb formula is a general tonic for the reproductive system. It is a nutritive and balancing blend of herbs that regulates hormones, is a nervine tonic, a relaxant and anti-spasmodic.

  • Helps to normalise the menstrual cycle by balancing hormones
  • Strengthens the ovaries and the uterus
  • Balances the reproductive system
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Promotes normal blood flow
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Helps with stress-related and emotional symptoms associated with PMS and the menopause
  • Helps reduce the hot flushes of menopause
  • Strengthens the uterus and uterine contractions in a long labour

For the menstrual cycle: Commence one week before the beginning of menses until 2-3 days after bleeding has stopped. If trying to conceive, do not take post-ovulation.

Menopause: Take two weeks on, two weeks off. The formulation will need to be taken over a few months. If symptoms are particularly intense, double the number of doses to 6x a day.

Contra-indications: DO NOT take in the 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Well Womb tincture 100 ml

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